WEEE centre launches partnership with Computer Aid International

WEEE Centre’s continuance safe disposal of electrical and electronic waste has seen the extended collaboration with Computer Aid International.
This collaboration sealed on 28th February 2012 is to emphasize advocacy of safe and responsible disposal of electronic waste among our African people.   
In a bid to proactively manage our waste electrical and electronic equipments, Computer Aid and Weee Centre will be joining forces to extend trainings on the knowhow of safe e-waste disposal and recycling.
This is with the goal of increasing our local and regional manpower in understanding and handling e-waste efficiently and effectively. More so we want to encourage and support the development and usage of e-waste recycling which is not just affordable but eco friendly to our fast depleting environment.
Computer aid international is well vast on e waste issues across Africa hence the current e waste advocacy programme for Africa project thus together with WEEE Centre’s practical expertise on e waste disposal, we hope to have a fruitful partnership reaching out to all in our continent.
Also on board is the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources who are on the forefront to support the e waste training and advocacy hereby launched


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