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My experience at the WEEE Centre

My experience at the WEEE Centre (An experience of a partner in WEEE Centre on e-waste management hands on skills training)
I am Hoby Rakotondranaly, manager of the e- waste department at Vohitra Environnement in Madagascar, and participating to the Norec-exchange program by working at the WEEE Centre in Kenya for six months. Managing e-waste involves collection, inventory, testing, refurbishment (if applicable), dismantling and recycling of the fractions. People tend to store e-waste or to sell it, since it has sentimental value or economic value to them. It is our duty to inform the society that these practices are threatening our health and environment. In fact, despite of its value, e-waste contain hazardous substances and processing it requires protective gears and appropriate technology. 
Empowering the community through awareness campaigns promotes a free-pollution planet and save our life. It is the hardest part of my work, but also the best when I succeed to make someone change …

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